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GRADES 1-2               Science (9 am)         PE (10 am)                 Art (11 am)

GRADES 3-4               PE (9 am)                 Art (10 am)                 Science (11 am)

GRADES 5-6               Art (9 am)                 Science (10 am)         PE (11 am)

GRADES 7-9              Government (9-10:30 am)       Writing (10:30 am-12 pm)
2021-2022 Gr. 7-9    World Religions (9-10:30 am)     Writing (10:30-12pm)

class information 2020-2021


A perfect blend structured activities and lots of free play. Nursery caps at 8 children.

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Kids need to know that a big, big God loves them so, so much. To that end, this class is a resource for parents and a safe place for children that nurtures the spiritual, social, cognitive, and physical development of preschoolers. Preschool-aged children learn exceptionally well through play but also benefit greatly from structure. Each day in class there will be a regular routine that includes plenty of free play, physical play, and cooperative play, as well as group listening time, art, music, science, and a Bible lesson. Class size is limited to 10 students.

2021-2022 instructor is Sondra Hinnenkamp.

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The Kindergarten class will take an imaginary journey around the world. Our destinations will be inspired by stories we read. Along the way we will learn some basic geography, "experience" different forms of transportation, and try out a variety of art techniques. Our primary curriculum will be Five in a Row, but other great books will also be used. Class is limited to 10 students.

Instructor is Wendy Walker.

(Students must enroll in all three classes. Class sizes are limited to 20 students.)


“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you... Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?” - Job 12:7-9. Evolutionists believe that flight somehow evolved on at least four different occasions (birds, insect, reptile, mammals). Yet, in God's Word we read that God created all these flying creatures on the fifth day. God had revealed Himself through what He had made. So, by studying the birds, bats, insects, and flying reptiles, we will see the power of God in what He has made. When we see a design, we know there must be a Designer and that is God!

Recommended but not required (Classes can stand alone without the book): Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day by Jeannie Fulbright found at www.apologia.com

Instructor is Julie Von Vett.


The FEET Physical Education class will strive to help students learn and develop physical education skills through movement, fitness, light competition, and sport-specific skills. We will focus on how God created our bodies to work and be healthy and learn how to keep healthy choices and exercise throughout life.  

2021-2022 Instructor is Clara Spurlock.


Students will learn about art history and different techniques used over the years through the “Meet the Masters” art curriculum.  Students will learn about line value and crosshatching, color value and shading, positive and negative shapes, texturing and more. Each student will get a chance to create their own artwork using the different techniques of each of the artists we study using a variety of mediums. During our first class, in addition to an introduction to the course, each person will be creating a portfolio to hold their artwork for the year.

Instructor is Lindsy Paurus.

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(These classes may be appropriate for up to grade 10 depending on the situation. Please contact us for more information.)

2021-2022 World Religions Class: 
A study of today's major world religions based on the "World Religions Course Guide" produced by Credits before College. This class is not designed as a stand-alone to prepare students for the CLEP test or DSST exam, but would serve as an excellent compliment to self-study for students with that goal. This course is taught with a Biblical worldview. Class is from 9:00-10:30.

Instructor is Pastor Kevin Sorenson.

2021-2022 Writing Class:
[description coming soon] Class is from 10:30-12:00

Instructor is Jackie Gallus.