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GRADES 1-2               Science (9 am)         PE (10 am)                 Art (11 am)

GRADES 3-4               PE (9 am)                 Art (10 am)                 Science (11 am)

GRADES 5-6               Art (9 am)                 Science (10 am)         PE (11 am)

GRADES 7-9              Economics (9-10:30 am)       Writing (10:30 am-12 pm)

class information 2019-2020


A perfect blend structured activities and lots of free play. Nursery caps at 8 children.

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Kids need to know that a big, big God loves them so, so much. To that end, this class is a resource for parents and a safe place for children that nurtures the spiritual, social, cognitive, and physical development of preschoolers. Preschool-aged children learn exceptionally well through play but also benefit greatly from structure. Each day in class there will be a regular routine that includes plenty of free play, physical play, and cooperative play, as well as group listening time, art, music, science, and a Bible lesson. Class size is limited to 8 students.

Instructor is Ash Walz

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God created a big beautiful world and we will explore that this year with our passports in hand! Each student will be given a passport and receive a stamp for each country we visit/learn about! We will learn about these different countries through exploring the different climates, cultural traditions, animals, language, art, food, music and books! Students will also be learning this year through exposure to math concepts, phonetic work, interactive activities, music time, circle time and gym/outside time. It will be a great year of learning and adventuring!

Instructor is Brittany Hink.

(Students must enroll in all three classes. Class sizes are limited to 15 students.)


If you were to study astronomy from a secular book, it would lead you to believe that the universe was millions of years old. If you were to study astronomy from a Biblical creation perspective, you would see the design features in these heavenly orbs. The sun, moon, and stars truly declare they were made by Him and for Him. We will also study weather. Weather is part of the system God uses to preserve and nourish His plants and animals, thereby making this planet livable by humans. By observing nature’s order and beauty in weather, we learn much about God.

Recommended but not required: Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Jeannie Fulbright. God’s Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Weather and Water by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. Find it at www.answersingenesis.org/curricula. (Classes can stand alone without the book).

Instructor is Julie Von Vett.


The FEET Physical Education class will strive to help students learn and develop physical education skills through movement, fitness, light competition, and sport-specific skills. We will focus on how God created our bodies to work and be healthy and learn how to keep healthy choices and exercise throughout life.  

Instructor is Liz Johnson.


Students will learn about art history and different techniques used over the years through the “Meet the Masters” art curriculum.  Students will learn about line value and crosshatching, color value and shading, positive and negative shapes, texturing and more. Each student will get a chance to create their own artwork using the different techniques of each of the artists we study using a variety of mediums. During our first class, in addition to an introduction to the course, each person will be creating a portfolio to hold their artwork for the year.

Instructor is Abbey Swanson.

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(Class sizes are limited to 12 students. These classes may be appropriate for up to grade 10 depending on the situation. Please contact us for more information.)


Economics 101:
In this class we will start to explore the different kinds of economies there are around the world. We will spend extra time looking at the U.S. economy, why we have what we have and how it works. We will start to explore what taxes are, how they work. We will explore what a budget is, personal and country wide. We will start to look at what supply and demand is and how it goes into how prices are set. 

Instructor is Amanda Craven.


Writing class. 
In this class we will work on writing. We will do essays of different types, continued work on proper research paper form. There will also be some free writing. We will learn and use citations and work of proper bibliography form. This class will use rubrics to help show growth. The focus will be getting stronger in our writing skills. No matter what level writing you are currently writing at or what you have done in the past. The rubrics will guide it and help the writer grow.

Instructor is Amanda Craven.