F   E   E   T

parents' morning & responsibilities

Responsibilities of FEET Parents

Parents will be assigned regular duties which include set-up (before FEET) or clean-up (after FEET). A job assignment is given at FEET Orientation and will typically be a 10-15 minute task. Parents will also be asked to assist teachers as a Teacher's Assistant (TA) in classrooms regularly at FEET (typically 1 to 1.5 hour shift in rotating classes). Parents act as an extra set of eyes for the teacher. No preparation is required. A TA schedule is provided at the beginning of each school year. Read through our handbook for further information. 

Parents' Schedule at FEET

FEET is unique in that it offers home school moms and dads an opportunity for prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. A typical morning for a parent looks includes prayer, devotion, and fellowship with other homeschooling parents.

Important Dates to Remember


  • August 30

Regular Meetings

  • Sept 13 & 27
  • Oct 11 & 25
  • Nov 22 (not the 8th because of election day)
  • Dec 13
  • Jan 10 & 24
  • Feb 14 & 28
  • Mar 14 & 28
  • Apr 11 & 25
  • May 9 (make-up day if needed on May 23rd)

Annual Extravaganza event

  • Friday, April 14 @ 6:30pm

On our last meeting day (May 9, or May 23 if we've had a snow day cancellation) we have an End-of-Year Picnic at Sturges Park, Buffalo, MN